iPad Is MG Siegler’s Favorite New Thing of 2010

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MG Siegler is one of my favorite tech writers. He writes prolifically and churns out consistently excellent content for TechCrunch and for his own ParisLemon blog. He’s not shy about being a huge fan of quite a number of Apple products, so it’s hardly a shock to see that he has named the iPad as his favorite New Thing of 2010.

I love his words on why he chose the iPad:

Maybe the best v1 product Apple has ever made? Maybe the best v1 productanyone has ever made? There was so much hype leading up to the launch that it seemed impossible that it would live up to the hype. But, remarkably, the iPad blew past it.

It’s crazy to think that Apple will improve it greatly with v2, but you know they will. It has already changed the face of personal computing.

I don’t often remember that the iPad is a V1 product – but when I do it does seem even more amazing.

Check out Siegler’s full list of his favorite new things from 2010 here:


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