iPad on Southland

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Image Source: RunAroundTech.com

Southland is one of my favorite TV shows at the moment. I love a good, gritty cop show and Southland epitomizes that genre. It’s one show I really look forward to each week, and there aren’t very many of those.

Usually during commercial breaks of the show, I’m staring at an iPad screen. In this past Tuesday’s episode I was suddenly staring at an iPad screen on the Southland screen. Bonanza – two of my favorite things on one big screen.

Lydia and Josie – two of the featured detectives on the show – were shown browsing the iPad to learn more about the past of a flaky witness they were trying to get in shape to testify in a case of theirs.

I know the iPad has made plenty of TV appearances. Just thought I’d mention this one as it’s a big favorite of mine.

Have you spotted the iPad on any of your favorite TV shows? If so, please tell us about them in the comments.

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