iPad on TV – Spotted on Hawaii 5-0 and NCIS

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Gear Diary’s Larry Greenberg has a cool post up on his latest sightings of Apple devices on TV. Included in there are a few shots of iPads appearing in some leading crime dramas, including Hawaii 5-0 and NCIS. Here’s a slice of what Larry has spotted on Hawaii 5-0:

Hawaii 5-0 – The iPhone 4 has been featured quite prominently in the new version of the show. A few episodes it was used to make a FaceTime call. This week’s episode marked the first use of the iPad though. The team used the iPad, complete with what appeared to be the Apple iPad case, to discuss information about a suspect from the case they were working on.

The iPad seems a natural for crime shows – especially since it’s the best place to get a crook’s fingerprints real quick. Smile

For lots more Apple on TV goodness, check out Larry’s post here:


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