iPad Portrait of Woz – Brilliant

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Great stuff. Just a perfect portrait of Steve Wozniak, one of every Apple fan’s heroes. This portrait of Steve Wozniak at work was done by David Newman, and all on an iPad. You know, that shiny device that’s only for consumption, never to be used for creating anything on.

David says it was an inspirational day for him, painting this from life, as he has been using Apple computers since 1984.

David is a master of portraits, and in particular portraits done on the iPad. He’s known as Silicon Valley’s Artist-in-Residence and has done portraits at techie-Mecca sites like Google HQ, NASA, Twitter HQ, LeWeb, and many more. Visit David’s site here to see lots more of his excellent artwork: http://ipadportraits.blogspot.com/

You can see an animation of this portrait’s creation process here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrXPQ3w7VdU

Here’s hoping Steve Jobs someday agrees to pose for one of these with David.

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