iPad Sold Out in Most US Locations?

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Apple’s iPad 3G remains sold out in most of the company’s retail stores, prompting "Notify Me" waiting lists that will give customers first priority when supplies are replenished.

Ten Apple stores across the U.S. contacted by AppleInsider Thursday were all sold out of the 3G-capable model of the iPad, in all storage capacities. Some of the stores said they were also sold out of all Wi-Fi models, while others had limited stock.

That’s from an Apple Insider report at the end of last week.  My own experience over the weekend is very much in line with that.  My in-laws were visiting for the weekend and my father-in-law wanted to buy an iPad 3G.  We tried every Apple and best Buy store in Austin and up to around 75 miles away.  Nobody had any iPad 3Gs available, and very few had any iPads at all left.

Here is more detail from the Apple Insider article:

Customers who want the iPad 3G, first released last Friday, can sign up for Apple’s "Notify Me" service, which will e-mail customers when the product comes back in stock. Those who sign up for the list have first priority on the iPad 3G, and will have 24 hours to pick up the device when it arrives in store.

Some locations said customers had to come in to a store in person to sign up for the "Notify Me" service, though most contacted said the registration could be done over the phone.

Walk-in customers will not be able to buy an iPad 3G until the store’s waiting list has been addressed.  …

Apple’s online store has a waiting list of 5-7 business days for both the Wi-Fi-only and 3G + Wi-Fi iPad models.

It really does look like Apple underestimated the demand for the iPad.  I’m very glad I reserved mine and grabbed it way back on the original launch day – I’d hate to be scrambling round for one now.  As for my father-in-law, he’ll likely be ordering one (or possibly two) 3Gs via Apple online this week.

How about you all – have any of you been able to buy a 3G at a retail outlet over the last few days?

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6 thoughts on “iPad Sold Out in Most US Locations?”

  1. I ordered mine online last week, but got impatient with the 5-7 day lag time and tried to get one at the store. Every shop in the Phoenix, AZ area was out and wasn't sure when there would be more. Every time I was directed to buy online.

  2. Every BB and Apple store is sold out within 75 or more miles of me. I sold my wifi model in hopes to snag a 3G model before my trip on Friday. I signed up on the notify me list last Tuesday. I have yet to be notified…. Sucks. I guess my MacBook air will have to suffice.

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