iPads Overheating?

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iPad temperature warning

The New York Times has a recent post up titled ‘Some iPads Can’t Take the Heat’ – detailing some recent issues users have been running into with iPads overheating.  When they get hot under the collar, they generate a temperature warning and then do a graceful shutdown.

They cite a couple of recent examples as well as recent Apple support discussions on overheating.  One of the recent examples mentions a person who took their iPad to the beach.  That jumped off the page at me.  Who takes an iPad to a beach?  I don’t care what kind of case you’ve got on it,  I can safely say my iPad is never getting anywhere near a beach.

Anyway, as we’re hitting summertime – the ‘burn the skin off your hands on the steering wheel’ phase of the year here in Texas – I’m curious if any of you are seeing overheating issues with your iPads.  Let us know in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “iPads Overheating?”

  1. I already took my ipad to the beach, here in the south of France where I’m vacationing. I was reading a book and checking emails. Oh, last but not least, I took it to the beach completely uncovered. I realize I’m a total dork though. I’m definitely not the average user.

  2. I recently took the iPad (with a leather cover) to my daughter's softball tournament to record the stats. It was about 80F. I had to turn the brightness all the way up because of the sun. About an hour into the game, it got overheated and the backside was HOT! The next game I took it out of the case, turned down the brightness about half way, stayed in the shade, and it was fine thru out the game.

    1. Interesting. I know I read somewhere that Apple has a support doc out with best practices for avoiding overheating – that includes some words on different activities that can increase / decrease chances of experiencing it. Maybe it mentions brightness settings?

  3. We bought our iPad while on vacation. Our first real need for 3G was when I was driving and my wife was looking up reviews and schedules of ocean kayaking. When we got to the beach, we placed it in a neoprene case, and left it under the seat of our rental car, with the windows rolled up and the sun beating in. After the ocean, we went back to the hotel, took the iPad out and started using it and it worked perfectly.

    Actually, it worked better than us, because we were lobster-level sunburned…

  4. I was sitting in a cafe in Paris under an awning…it was drizzling out so they had the heat lamp above me on. After about an hour of use the iPad shut down and I definitely freaked out a bit, but after letting it sit for about 30 minutes it was back to normal. Damn French heat lamps.

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