iPads Showing Up Early for Some Lucky Europeans?

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9to5Mac is reporting that at least a couple of lucky people – one in the UK, one in Italy – have received their lovely new iPads a few days early.  The lucky recipient in Italy has even done an unboxing video.

Roll on delivery company mistakes, as long as they’re this kind of mistake. :)

Hey – European readers – have any of you got lucky?

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8 thoughts on “iPads Showing Up Early for Some Lucky Europeans?”

  1. "we must not commit the sin of losing our track on time!" – Tom Hanks to the Fed Ex workers, From the movie "Castaway"

  2. Not yet… still waiting ! I ordered the wifi 32go model… I'm swiss !
    Can't wait more ! already tons of apps ready to install !

      1. how can i say it…?MAGICAL…it's like holding the whole world in your hand!i love the feeling!

        I thought i was prepared. Guess what?i wasn't, it's amazingly fast and beautiful.
        I get the sensation, that for the first time, someone made a device with the final user experience in mind.

        Jobs said it, it's amazing.

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