iTunes Idea – Can We Have Favorites Sync for Apps?

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Just a quick, random iTunes-related idea here. I was thinking a bit this morning about getting the new iPad 2, and the fact that I don’t like the idea of using a backup of my current iPad restored onto a brand new iPad 2. I’d rather start fresh with a fresh new device.

Most of the setup routine for a new iPad is not too bad or too time-consuming – especially as I rely heavily on apps like Dropbox and Office2 HD for documents / data sync, and use Google Sync for contacts and calendar sync.

One of the few really painful areas is the syncing of apps to a new device – because I have near 200 installed on my iPad right now, and scores of others that are no currently installed but have not been deleted either. Of course, arranging these on home screens is a nightmare in itself, only slightly less painful in iTunes on the desktop than it is on the iPad itself.

Also painful is the process of choosing which apps to sync within iTunes. The only choices available to us are to sync all apps – which usually includes a whole bunch you no longer want on your iPad – or to select them one by one with their little checkboxes (as shown above).

So my little random idea is this:

It would be cool if we could mark apps as favorites. And then have a third Apps Sync option – to sync only favorites to a new or newly restored device. That way, even if you were not keen on doing a restore from a backup, or unable to do one, there would still be a very quick apps sync option to choose.

You’d have to spend a little time once in a while updating and managing your Favorites list, but this could be done when you have some downtime, and would save a lot of time when doing restores.

Anyway, that’s my little brainwave for this morning. What do you all think of it? Do I just need more coffee today, or would this be useful to you?

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One thought on “iTunes Idea – Can We Have Favorites Sync for Apps?”

  1. For users with hundreds of apps, this would be a time saving solution. Even if you only have around 30-40 apps, this would still be a beneficial way to upgrade without spending 3 hours staring at iTunes each time you invest in an upgrade. Good shout, Pat.

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