Join Us Sunday Night for The Magical, Revolutionary iPad Show

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What are you doing Sunday night? Say around 9:00PM Central time? If you’re not too busy washing your hair, watching the Oscars, or just dreading another Monday, I hope you might consider joining us for our first episode of The Magical Revolutionary iPad Show.

The Magical Revolutionary iPad Show is our shiny new weekly Talkcast event over on Talkshoe. The first episode is titled ‘The iPad 2 Cometh’ and in it James Rogers and I will talk lots about the iPad 2 – what we expect to see unveiled, our wish lists for it, all the latest rumors on it, and more. In this first show we may not get much past iPad 2, as it’s such hot topic leading up to next week’s announcement event, but generally we’ll aim to ramble on about iPad apps, accessories, and all our favorite iPad news and rumors.

The great thing about Talkshoe talkcasts is that they’re live and fully interactive. As in, it is super easy for you to call in and share your thoughts / ask questions on any of the topics we cover. Or you can just tune in via a browser and participate in the live chat.

Either way, it’d be great to have you join in on Sunday night, and chat about the iPad 2 with us. Here’s the page for our show:

And the call-in details:

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 95020

Hope to talk to you Sunday.

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