Kindle App Updated – Books Now Display in Two Columns in Landscape Mode

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Kindle App for iPad

The Kindle app has been updated this week, to Version 2.3. One of the notable changes for iPad users of the universal app is that it now shows a two-column view when you’re in landscape mode.

I agree with my friend Dan over at Gear Diary, that this simple change is a very welcome one.

You can find this latest version of the Kindle app in the App Store now, and it’s still a free app.

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10 thoughts on “Kindle App Updated – Books Now Display in Two Columns in Landscape Mode”

  1. It would have been nice, though if they had allowed the option to have it the old way. I actually liked the old landscape view, though I may be one of the few.

    1. Yes, this 'upgrade' is a disaster for serious book readers and Kindle fans. Read the awful reviews of Kindle for iPad version 2.3 on the iTunes store. Whatever you do don't install this new version.

  2. I too – having less than perfect eyesight – like the single column landscape version. An option to change between teh two would be nice. Maybe in the next update.

  3. Disaster is right. . . this makes technical books (with illustrations or long code samples) effectively unreadable in landscape mode. Why Why WHY didn't they simply *add* the *option* for 2column instead of FORCING it on us.

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