Latest Microsoft TV Ads for Windows Tablets: Powerpoint is a Killer Feature?

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I imagine most of you have seen the recent Microsoft TV ads for Windows tablets by now, as they’ve been getting some heavy airtime lately. The latest one, shown above, features a Siri-like voice that points out a number of supposed limitations of the iPad when compared to a Windows tablet. Those limitations include the lack of an official Powerpoint app on the iPad.

That’s pretty rich given that …

— There’s no iPad Powerpoint app only because Microsoft themselves have decided not to release MS Office on iOS, which likely means they’ve lost out on billions of dollars worth of app sales.

— There are a number of very capable replacement apps for Powerpoint on iPad, from Apple’s excellent Keynote app to Quick Office, Documents to Go, and others.

It’s also striking that in its two new ads attacking the iPad Microsoft has chosen to feature an Asus-made Windows tablet for its head-to-head (some would say apples to oranges) comparisons. They don’t use their own Surface tablets, which were originally hailed as the state-of-the-art in Windows tablets.It’s also interesting that the strapline for this ad is ‘Less talking, more doing’. Pretty bold stuff from the platform that has a tiny fraction of the available productivity apps actually designed for use on a tablet.

I don’t think these latest Microsoft ads are terrible by any means. They may well be effective with a lot of hardcore Windows fans and some corporate users who still believe the nonsense about the iPad being a consumption-only device. I can’t see them winning over many iPad or even Android users though, or any of us who have no need for MS Office apps.

What do you all think of these Microsoft ads? Have they swayed you towards a Windows tablet?

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6 thoughts on “Latest Microsoft TV Ads for Windows Tablets: Powerpoint is a Killer Feature?”

  1. I had to chuckle at that commercial too. I’ve shown plenty of Power Point slides on my iPad (and other tablets too). I recently had the chance to use an actual Surface Pro and RT in my office for a day. The RT was terrible and the Surface Pro was unusable because it was using desktop apps that were not designed well with touch screens in mind. I kept finding myself wanting “mobile” apps that did things for me on the go. I did not want to bring the desktop with me. I think this is where Microsoft’s downfall will be in the tablet market….trying too hard to keep the desktop going.

    1. I played with both the Surface RT and Surface Pro for a couple of hours, and thought just about the same as you. I think Microsoft have been clueless about mobile for many years now and the Surface line does nothing to change that impression.

  2. I saw one of those ads with Microsoft not showing productivity of BOTH tablets. And to be honest, it was like to boys trying to show off their toys, but only one was speaking.

    ‘Slate’ reminds me of Fred Flintstone, Flintstone reminds me of the quarry, the quarry reminds me of ‘the beginning’ as in ‘blank slate’.

    I have not played with one yet, Windows Slate tablet. My iPad suits all my needs for:

    • Being Creative
    • Jotting down and further exploring thoughts an ideas
    • Drawing
    • Making music on the go and sharing it.
    • Being social without turning on my computer and sharing media
    • Writing extended articles like this and more like it – formatted
    • Browsing the Internet on research and/or for fun
    • Sharing articles with friends via email or social output more efficient than I do on Windows 7 Pro
    • Face to Face video chat has never been easier and so mobile with FaceTime with people around the world.
    • Checking multiple email in multiple boxes has never been so efficient or faster.
    • Screen-capture has never been so easy

    Microsoft needs to quit comparing, stop taking steroids in the brains and get some real common sense.

    For starters:

    • Dump the ineffective, although pretty Bluetooth keyboard
    • Now put ALL the features of the cancelled Microsoft Courier
    • Keep the price from $399.99 and up

    Then we have a contender that will interest artists and designers.

    Until then, Microsoft Slate tablets will sit on the shelves until price drops to $99 and it will sell like hot cakes. And be rooted to have Window 8, iOS, Android and UnBuntu on them.

    History repeats itself, HP TouchPad Syndrome anyone?

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