Logitech’s Slim Folio Pro: A Great Keyboard Wrapped in a Mediocre Case

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I bought Logitech’s Slim Folio Pro with the intent of keeping it and reviewing it over a long period. Unfortunately, It just didn’t cut it to the point where I took it back to get my money out of it before the return window closed. Even though I had read reviews that weren’t great and knew that the design was different from the Slim Combo case that I loved, I still thought the keyboard would be enough to keep me using it.

Unfortunately, that was not the case, pun intended. The keyboard was just as good as I expected. The keys were responsive and had a nice feedback: not too mushy, not too stiff. The backlight was perfect for tying in low light, like when my wife needs to get to sleep early to be up at 4 AM for work but I still have writing to do and need to be away from my kiddos to concentrate.

Right now, the only keyboard case for the current iPad Pros that might compare is the Brydge. Unfortunately, it isn’t a full case, but just a keyboard that protects only one side of the iPad Pro. This will work fine for many users, but not me. This is why I had high hopes that the Slim Folio Pro would fully replace Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio.

However, while Logitech’s new product dusts Apple’s keyboard, it just doesn’t deliver enough on the case side to be worth the high price. While it does offer more padding and protection, it is also thick and bulky. The magnetic close flap also makes it very difficult to open. For all of its flaws, the Smart Keyboard Folio is light, easy to hold and is very easy to remove from the iPad Pro. On the flip side, I found putting the iPad Pro in the Slim Folio Pro and removing it to be quite cumbersome.

While the Slim Folio Pro does offer more protection out of the box, I am currently trying out a product from UAG that brings the Smart Keyboard Folio up to the same level, if not higher. It is the Scout from UAG, which is a cover that both the Smart Keyboard Folio and the iPad Pro snap into.

The Scout turns the Folio into a much more rigid and durable case, with excellent screen protection in the front. It doesn’t impede the operation in the Folio in any way and it is easily removable. However, when used with a UAG Scout, the Folio is a different and much more protective and secure animal, entirely.

At the end of the day it comes down to the price. The Slim Folio Pro wasn’t the worst keyboard case I’ve tried by a long shot. Again, in some ways, it is a lot better than Apple’s own Smart Keyboard Folio. However, I am stuck with that keyboard case, for better or for worse. If Logitech’s Slim Folio Pro had been as good as their Slim Combo from last year, then I would have gladly parted with the $129 and never had an issue with it. Unfortunately, the Slim Folio Pro isn’t nearly as versatile, so it just isn’t worth that much money to me.

At this late point in the life cycle of the 2018 iPad Pro, it’s too late to expect Logitech to release any more keyboard cases. However, I’m hooping that this Fall will bring a reprise of my favorite keyboard case of all time. Until then, I’ll be over here noisily clacking out reviews on my Smart Keyboard Folio’s stiff keyboard. Thanks to UAG, at least I have the option to make it into a move versatile case for use at work.

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