My 7.5 Year Old iOS Whizkid

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I think it’s always great when you’re able to share a passion for a subject with your children. Doesn’t matter if it’s football or baking or astronomy. Or even iDevices and iOS apps. So I love seeing how much my seven and half year old daughter (Zoe) has learned about iOS, and how much enjoyment she gets out of it.

She gives us countless examples of her knowledge on iPhones and iPads nearly every day – from helping her mom out with iPhone issues to showing me how to do something better or faster within an app. One small example of her knowledge, from yesterday, is her lock screen on the iPad she shares with her mom. It’s a picture of her beloved kitten, Carter.

My first reaction to it was just a simple ‘that’s very cute’. Then she quickly told me how she did it – just happily reeled off that she used her mom’s iPhone to take the pic, emailed it to herself and opened it on the iPad, zoomed in on an area she liked best in it and screencapped that to create a new image in the Camera Roll, opened it in Photogene to crop it a little, saved it, and applied it as lock screen background.

That just makes me smile – it did when she first told me and it still does now.

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4 thoughts on “My 7.5 Year Old iOS Whizkid”

  1. That's pretty cool. iOS is just so intuitive that kids who like to button push and play around with things will be able to figure devices out quickly. I'll never forget the first time my daughter got mine, figured out the slide to unlock, opened the phone app, found my Mom's picture in the Recent Calls, and called her. She was 2 years old at the time.

  2. Oh yeah. Sadie is 4 now, and she LOVES my iPad. We have a few reading and educational apps that she likes, she loves Doodle Buddy for her drawing, and she is a huge Plants vs Zombies fan. She gets very upset when the Zombies eat her brains.

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