My Biggest iPad Pet Peeve: The Lack of a Home Button Shortcut

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This post is all about one of my greatest iOS pet peeves: the lack of a Home button shortcut on Bluetooth keyboards. I’ve got ZAGG’s newest keyboard to test for the iPad; and although I’m only a few hours into using it, I’ve already run into an issue that has plagued many Bluetooth keyboards before it: the lack of a dedicated Home button.

ZAGG should have made it a priority to include a dedicated key to simulate the Home button for iPad and iPhone users, but I also think that Apple shares the blame here as well. Of all the keyboard shortcuts that power users need at the OS level, it would be keyboard shortcut to emulate the Home button. I honestly can’t believe this is still an item on my wishlist with iOS approaching its ninth iteration, but it’s true. Unless hardware keyboard manufacturers specifically include a dedicated Home key, there’s simply no way for users to switch or leave apps without reaching up from the keyboard to tap the Home button.

This is obviously purely a matter of convenience and efficiency, but the solution just feels so tantalizingly close and simple that it bothers me that much more. After all, for the Home button on certain Bluetooth keyboards to work, that must mean that Apple provided a certain way for manufacturers to emulate the Home button. Why not bake a simple shortcut like Cmd + H or Cmd + Escape into iOS? It would save so much hassle and make keyboards — which are items that power users usually buy — that much more efficient.

I very badly want for Apple to address this somehow in iOS 9, or at least make software keyboards stable enough to make them a viable alternative.

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4 thoughts on “My Biggest iPad Pet Peeve: The Lack of a Home Button Shortcut”

  1. I’m confused by your post… most keyboards DO have a dedicated home button. Clamcase has one. Logitech has one. I’ve been using the Belkin ultimate pro and not only does it have a dedicated home button, but it also has the ability to mimic the home button double click using the FN and number 2 button. I use the ZAGG slim book case cover for my iPad mini and IT has one. I know that the ZAGG folio cover has a dedicated home button and so does the ZAGG cover case.

    The tone in your post is that NO manufacturer has EVER included this as an option. Did I read it wrong?

    1. Hi Manny, thanks for stopping by. I do have keyboards with Home keys and I was acknowledging their existence, but I can see how it might have spoken so much about the lack of a shortcut (e.g. Cmd key + H) that those points were made less clear.

      It’s the lack of a shortcut I’m ticked off with, although it does make me wish this ZAGG had a Home key.

  2. One thing I hate is when I can use the “enter” button to send iMessages. You have to tap the Send button, I understand that people might want to type a paragraph, but I wish I could set a dedicated button to act as the send button. I haven’t looked, but do you know of a way to do so?

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