My Favorite iAd So Far – Virgin Airlines

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iAds are the flashy new full screen ads within apps, produced for Apple’s own new ad network. They’ve been hailed by Apple as being more engaging for users, though recent reports suggest they’re not doing such a great job for advertisers so far.

My experience with iAds thus far has been a luke-warm one. I don’t hate them or find them terrible, but I have very rarely felt engaged or fascinated by any of them either.

The closest I’ve come is when viewing the Virgin Airlines ad in The Daily (and possibly other apps). The colors for the full-screen ad are striking and catch my eye immediately each time it appears. The multiple rotating videos showing off various aspects of Virgin’s Upperclass service to London are well done.

I don’t do much traveling at all lately, but I find myself lingering a while and admiring what looks like a heck of a nice way to make the transatlantic journey. It’s the first iAd I’ve found that I don’t want to swipe past immediately – so by default, it’s my favorite thus far.

Have you got any favorite iAds yet? Or do you hate them all?

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