My iPad Now Has Twice as Many Apps as My iPhone

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When doing a sync of my iPad earlier today, the storage space bar caught my eye – in particular the number for space being used by apps, weighing in at nearly 7GB.

It made me think about how ever since I got the iPad I am using more apps, and spending more time with apps, on the iPad than on the iPhone.  I’ve often joked with friends that since getting the iPad I can’t look my iPhone in the eye – but I’d never measured just how much more I’m using apps on the larger, more ‘magical’ device :)

I think these two sets of numbers are a pretty good measure:

Storage Space Used by Apps:

iPhone 4: Under 1GB (779MB)

iPad: Nearly 7GB (6.73GB)

Number of Apps Currently Installed:

iPhone 4: 83

iPad: 171

The much bigger amount of storage space used on the iPad is at least partly due to the fact that I have far more book / magazine / newspaper apps on the iPad now; and I’ve been reviewing more iPad than iPhone apps of late – but even so, seeing that I now have more than twice as many iPad apps was a bit of a surprise to me.

How about you all?  Those of you who own both an iPhone and an iPad (or an Android / WinMo / other smartphone plus iPad) – how’s your breakdown of apps between the two devices look?  Are you using fewer apps on your smartphone since getting an iPad?

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5 thoughts on “My iPad Now Has Twice as Many Apps as My iPhone”

  1. I'm in the same case as you are. I'm using a lot more apps on my iPad then on my iPhone and also I have the "can't look the iPhone in the eye anymore" problem :-)
    The iPad is so much more interesting to work with because of the bigger screen that I'm not buying any apps anymore for the iPhone and instead if an app comes out for iPhone that looks interesting I'll just wait until the iPad version comes out before buying it.

    That said, the only apps I still download on the iPhone are those that also exist on the iPad (and which I don't have to pay twice) and that offer some kind of syncing contents to the cloud so they can be used together (e.g. godfinger, goodreader, kindle, ibooks, etc).

  2. I have joked with friends that we finally found the iPhone killer, and it took Apple to make it. Besides making calls and taking cute pictures of the kids, the only time I do anything with my iPhone is when I'm on break at work, as I don't trust bringing my iPad with me. At home, my iPhone stays near me just because we don't have home phone service, so I need it handy in case anyone calls (this usually happens at least once a month), but the iPad is what gets all the love and attention.

    And boy does it get love and attention. All the use that my iPhone and my computer and my TV and my books used to get now go to my iPad. I use it to read headlines, stay connected on facebook, keep up with my RSS feeds, watch TV via the ABC and Netflix apps, teach my 3 year old her letters and numbers, send and receive emails, play 19 games of Words With Friends at once, catch the box scores, and even for my daily Bible reading and to follow along at church.

    Now I'm laying in bed getting myself slowly drifting towards sleep while typing this response on my iPad (this is a task that was once accomplished with novels, then books on tape, then WinMo, then the iPhone. Now those all have gone the way of all the iPad.)

    But best of all, my eyes thank me every day for the reduced strain. I don't have great vision and so doing a lot on the iPhone was a trying experience for my eyes. The iPad screen is perfectly sized to compromise between portability and viewability.

    For those who haven't taken the plunge yet, just dive in; you will be amazed just how nice the water is.

    1. What a great post. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my ipad, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Your comment about the screen size is exactly the reason I never was interested in the iphone – just too small to see well. My vision has just deteriorated (I'm 51) and I just don't want to work that hard to see something. So, I will continue to wait patiently. It has been 7 days and the apple store has said they will email me when it is in. Patience is a virtue…….

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