New iPad 3G in the House

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I’ve been wanting to switch up to an iPad 3G just about ever since they first came out.  With all the supply problems and long shipping waits on them over recent months, I’ve just never managed to get my timing right for acquiring one.

Today I finally managed to grab one at my local Apple Store.  So I’m a happy new iPad 3G owner, and my wife and daughter are very happy to be taking over my WiFi only model.  So we’ve now got every generation of the iPhone and both iPad models in residence. 

Patrick Jordan

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7 thoughts on “New iPad 3G in the House”

      1. Well done! And welcome to the 3G club. I love my iPad 3G — it's worth every penny I spend monthly for the 3G service in order to have internet anytime, virtually anywhere. Now if only I could swing a new 13" MBP right now :(

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