Number 7 in Reserved Line

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image1776862317.jpgHurrah. Got to the mall entrance outside my local Apple store here in Austin at around 6:30. We got let into the mall at 7:00.

There’s a separate line for people who reserved one and I’m number 7 in that line.

Everyone is in good spirits, Apple staff are handing out coffee, all is good.

Patrick Jordan

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8 thoughts on “Number 7 in Reserved Line”

  1. Which one you getting?

    I'm just getting ready to head out to the store here in a few minutes… planning for a 7:30/8am arrival at the Flatirons store up near Boulder. This is a full 3-4 hours later than I would risk it for an iPhone, but I figure the lines will be way different.

  2. I didn't know Best Buy were going to sell them today, too. I might talk a walk to the one nearby (10 minute walk) and play with the demo…

    Anyway, here's looking forward to your write-ups ;)

  3. I'm sitting at home waiting for the UPS man to arrive. A little nervous though…..I'm in Austin and the tracking update on says my package is in San Antonio and that they have responsibility for delivering it. They're 90 miles away…..I have a bad bad feeling.

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