Ouch, That’s Not How You Carry an iPad

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iPad in Pants

TechCrunch writer Jordan Crook’s girlfriend spotted this gent strolling through Grand Central Station in New York – with his iPad tucked into the back of his trousers.

Yikes. Somebody please get this man a case, a messenger bag, anything that gets that iPad away from his backside.

What do you all think? Please tell me this is not how iPad business users roll. :)

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13 thoughts on “Ouch, That’s Not How You Carry an iPad”

  1. Sorry to report … But I carry mine much the same way when moving between meetings. While using a cane to walk, this old ‘military style’ of tucking away the ‘clipboard’ keeps my hands free.

  2. I work with retired military and they are always strolling around with steno pads and clipboards tucked in their back waistband like this….

  3. Might be a convenient no hands carrying spot, but he is a prime candidate for someone to quickly pick pocket his iPad.

  4. I read that many iPads are used in the smallest room. I have also seen dress faux pax when people leave said place. Am I making 5 from 2+2?

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