Paying Too Much for an iPad Data Plan? This Infographic Will Help You Compare

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iPad Data Plans compared

Ever wondered about which countries offer the least and most expensive data plans for the iPad?  Better still, if you live in one of the many countries where there are various providers to choose amongst for your data plan, want a quick comparison of which rates are best?

In either case, this infographic from the folks at Tableau Software should have some good answers.  The graphic is interactive and you can select a single country to look at and see the rates from all the providers, or view all nations.  US 3G users can only envy those of you in places like Austria and the UK and elsewhere, where there is healthy competition for your data dollars (and pounds and euros)

Tableau Software are experts in data visualization – their free product has been used by The Wall Street Journal, CNN and many others for presenting data in interesting and interactive ways as in this iPad data rates infographic.  Check it out at the link below:

Thanks to Ross Perez at Tableau for sharing this with us today.

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