Rafter HD Going Free for Tomorrow (Sunday) Only

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Rafter HD iPad game

Rafter HD – the simple  but challenging physics game for the iPad – is going to be free for just one day tomorrow, Sunday 8/22, to celebrate the game’s App Store success and the one year anniversary of Rafter on the iOS. 

To commemorate the tremendous success of Rafter on both the iPad and the iPhone, as well as mark its one year anniversary, Punflay announced that Rafter HD and Rafter on the iPhone will be going free on Sunday, the coming week, Aug 22nd, for the whole day.

Here’s some info on the app and its features, courtesy of its App Store page:

So you think you’re the best of the best of the best? Maybe you haven’t played Rafter yet! This deceptively simple game needs a little bit of physics and a lot of timing to hit your target – a miniscule red mine.

Put your problem solving skills and logic to the test by drawing blocks (square, rectangle, long, short, thin, thick… well, you get the picture!), and launching them at the mines. And our friendly timer will keep ticking away till you master the trick!

Rafter has 101 progressive levels of challenges. There are multiple solutions to each level, but its upto good ol’ you to figure out which one is the best. Oh, and we upped the ante by tying in your scores with the number of moves you make. The equation is simple: Each level has a fixed number of moves and the score increases when you solve the game using the least number of moves.

And while you’re trying to do all this, make sure to watch out for swinging platforms, fans and other not-so-friendly objects! Sounds fun doesn’t it?

1. One of its kind physics based game in which the player can sketch objects of required sizes

2. Choice of selecting the type of sketches between circle and rectangle.

3. Open feint enabled to share the scores

4. 101 mind blowing levels with interesting level designs.

5. Witty and highly addictive levels targeting players’ drawing skills.

6. Dynamic ‘speed and bounce’ control function

7. Fan controls

You can find Rafter HD in the App Store now, normally priced at $1.99 – but you’ll want to check it out tomorrow (8/22) to grab it for free.

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