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Gear Diary – one of my favorite tech sites – has done a great job investigating and exposing a horrible, rip-off site that was charging users $50 to gain access to freely available public domain content, and doing so basically by redirecting to another site (that offered all the content for free) without that site’s permission.

For starters, your $50 buys access to the portal along with links to various free comics and a list of newspaper web sites. There is, from what I can tell, nothing copyrighted or anything that is unavailable elsewhere available on the myPadMedia site. And make no mistake about it: technically, there are Top 10 bestsellers … but with the exception of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (originally published in 1922) and a few other classics which have been recently made into movies and re-released as movie tie-in paperbacks, all of the “bestsellers” are classics like Little Women (1868), Treasure Island (1883), Moby Dick (1851), Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1897), etc…. and all of them are public domain and available FOR FREE.

Once Gear Diary brought this to the attention of the legitimate site ( they shut down the access from myPadMedia. 

I got approached various times by myPadMedia over recent weeks – I rejected them once as an advertiser and also ignored several link exchange requests from individual sites peddling their rip-off materials.

It is worth keeping the myPadMedia name in mind, because I would imagine they may well re-invent their ‘service’ using some other source of free material on the web and pitch it again at some outlandish price to unsuspecting users.

It is also well worth reading Gear Diary’s full report on all their dealings with myPadMedia – I love how Judie (who runs GD) told them to take a hike when they demanded she remove posts exposing their scummy schemes for what they were.  Check out the whole sordid affair here:

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