Recommended: Gear Diary’s Writers on How iPad Has Changed Their Computing Lives

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Gear Diary has a great post up this week about how ‘just a big iPod’ (aka the iPad) has changed their computing lives. In it several writers, editors, and Gear Diary’s founder (Judie Lipsett Stanford) share their thoughts on how the iPad has impacted their computing lives and really their lives in general. Gear Diary is one of my favorite sites, Judie is a superb writer and reviewer, and her team of writers and editors are a diverse and hugely knowledgeable group.

So their post is one heck of a good testimonial for the iPad. Here are just a few slices from the piece, from various Gear Diary contributors:

Michael Anderson:

I was nervous at the first board meeting when I only brought the iPad, but by the end I was thrilled and never looked back. I take the iPad everywhere – I use iThoughts HD for ‘mind mapping’, which integrates with MindManager; Pocket Informant, and more!

Dan Cohen:

The iPad is impressive first and foremost because it is a first-generation device that was amazing right out of the gate.

Judie Lipsett Stanford:

The thing that blows my mind about the iPad is how almost everyone who sees one, who really gets a chance to use one, loves the thing. My husband has one, my mother even has one … and they both use the heck out of them, but in a totally different way than any of us use ours. The iPad is a totally customizable device that can be personalized for every user.

Jason Reese:

I just got back from deploying an ‘enterprise’ iPad solution to our Board of Directors in NY. To say the iPad has taken corporate users by storm is an understatement. The larger screen size meant that developers didn’t have to worry as much about trying to ‘mobilize’ the data that executives want. Instead of hefting around large binders of information prior to a Board of Director meeting, they now just use their iPads to securely log into a restricted SaaS web portal, and are able to view and annotate documents on the screen. …

Add in iOS 4.2, and you’ve just thrown multitasking and wireless printing straight into the mix. Our Board — and our CIO — are loving the iPad. And that means everyone else is loving it internally ;)

Chris Gavula:

It fits in nicely between my laptop and my iPhone (a netbook was never a reasonable option for me – too many compromises). It goes almost everywhere with me and has significantly changed how I go about my daily computing tasks.

Great stuff. Those are just very short excerpts. The whole article at Gear Diary is full of juicy details and good insight on using the iPad. Definitely one to check out when you have a few minutes:

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