Recommended: Gruber’s Macworld Talk on 10 Issues Facing Apple

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John Gruber Macworld 2010 talk

John Gruber’s Daring Fireball is one of my most favorite sites – one that I not only read every day, but actually look forward to reading every day.  I enjoy it because it offers an interesting mix of links on all things Apple-related, technology related, and links beyond those boundaries at times as well.  More importantly, it offers Gruber’s strong takes on a range of subjects that interest me.  I don’t always agree with his opinions, but I nearly always find his writing insightful and entertaining – a bit like a Jim Rome of the techie blogosphere, with a brash, ‘have a take, don’t suck‘ kind of attitude.

Gruber did an excellent talk at Macworld 2010 on 10 key issues he sees facing Apple today.  It’s a great topic – as Apple has been on a roll for quite a while and seem to be kicking ass and taking names in several areas, so it’s a very good time to think about what could put the skids on all their current and recent success.

Here are some of the issues covered and just a few things that I found particularly interesting while watching the hour plus talk:

— Issue Number 1 is Steve Jobs.  Or what happens when Steve Jobs is no longer with the company.  That’s been the $64,000 question for a while now.

— The App Store is another of the issues discussed.  Updates taking way too long to get through the reviews process is one problem mentioned.  I like his thoughts on how Apple may be ‘just a few degrees off course’ in their handling of the App Store, coupled with the idea that even a few degrees off course when traveling very fast (which the App Store absolutely is) can lead to getting lost very quickly.

— I love his take on Mobile Me and his simple question about it: what is it for?

— Another key issue he talks about is the lack of any true arch rivals for Apple, and how this hurts Apple. 

A rival helps keep a company focused … it’s easy to lose your focus if your competitors have disappeared.

There is tons of good stuff in his talk. It’s an hour that goes by very quickly.  Check it out HERE.

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