Recommended: Joy of Tech on Where to Carry Your iPad and Where All the Hype Goes

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where to carry an iPad

Brilliant stuff, as ever, at Joy of Tech on where to carry your iPad.  I love the testosterone-pumping ManChariot. :)

They’ve also got a superb explanation for where all the hype goes once the iPad has finally been announced …

where does all the iPad hype go

Hilarious, and so true.

Check out lots more of this sort of brilliant stuff at Joy of Tech:

I spotted the first of these two via a post over at everythingiPad.

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2 thoughts on “Recommended: Joy of Tech on Where to Carry Your iPad and Where All the Hype Goes”

  1. Great stuff! I personally don't plan to carry mine around. It'll be a home device.
    The iPhone was the catalyst that led me to stop carrying a purse around. It replaced so many gadgets I used to lug around that now I get by with my pockets. I don't want to go back.

    1. I think I will carry mine quite often – but I feel like a case or laptop bag will get me by for now. Maybe I'll step up to a ManChariot later :)

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