Recommended: NYT Story on the iPad’s Impact on One Disabled Child

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OWEN CAIN depends on a respirator and struggles to make even the slightest movements — he has had a debilitating motor-neuron disease since infancy.

Owen, 7, does not have the strength to maneuver a computer mouse, but when a nurse propped her boyfriend’s iPad within reach in June, he did something his mother had never seen before.

He aimed his left pointer finger at an icon on the screen, touched it — just barely — and opened the application Gravitarium …

That’s just a small excerpt from a great article at The New York Times this weekend.

These are the iPad stories you have to love to see. Sure, it’s far from the only high-tech device that’s ever been useful to a disabled person – but the multi-touch interface and the dead simple UI make it far more likely than most devices to bring a little joy in these sort of scenarios. Once again I’d say these are the things that justify that ‘magical’ tag for the iPad.

The full NYT article is a great, feel good sort of read – check it out here (you may need to register for free to see it):

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