Recommended: Roughly Drafted on 19 Things the iPad Will Kill

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Idle moments. Remember when you used to sit in the park, lost in your lover’s eyes? Now you’re both busy checking messages on your iPhone. Just wait until you get an iPad and you can lock the screen so it won’t flip annoyingly as you try to lay in bed, half awake reading the latest headlines. Now you’ll have a fixed, big screen display giving you bleary-eyed access to all the information that used to stay attached to your desktop computer. The times you spent doing nothing are all now dead.

Daniel Eran Dilger has a brilliant post up on ‘iPad The Destroyer’ and 19 things it will kill.  It’s a blistering rundown of everything from DVDs to ereader devices, game consoles, and even our idle, romantic moments – as you can see above – that will be killed off by the iPad.

There’s plenty in there that some will argue strongly against – but I think a lot of it is spot on – especially the various bits on how badly Microsoft has lost their way and how far behind they are now.

It’s a great read – and sure to fuel some heated debate as well.  Check it out here:

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