Recommended: The Brooks Review on the iPad as Best Thing to Happen to Meetings Since the 60s

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Ben Brooks has a great post up at his The Brooks Review site, titled ‘The iPad: The Best Thing to Happen to Meetings Since the 1960s’. He lays out a number of great reasons why the iPad is far superior to a laptop or pen and paper as a meeting companion. These range from its size and form factor not blocking everyone’s view of its user, or even its screen, to ending up with notes that are fully searchable, being able to create and track to-do items, and access relevant files on the fly during a session.

He even offers a very good set of tips for using an iPad in meetings. I especially liked his first four:

  1. As slow as typist as you might be, don’t bring your bluetooth keyboard or your iPad keyboard dock with you to meetings — if you need to do this you might as well bring your laptop.
  2. Don’t ever rely on someone else’s Internet connection (or their ability to know the WiFi password), make sure you know how to get it by yourself. (I bring a MiFi, but a 3G iPad would work better.)
  3. Mute your iPad, especially the clicky key sounds if you use those. 3
  4. Don’t check your email while in the meeting. Only open the Mail app if you need to search for an old email during the meeting. If the meeting is that boring you shouldn’t be in the meeting to begin with.

Check out the full post here, it’s a great read:

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