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Of all the things that make the iPad an amazing device, its power as an educational tool has always been one attribute that stood out above others for me. I’ve seen this first-hand with my own daughter, kids of family and friends, and in online discussions.

I’m glad to see that this is something that has hit home for my old friend Dawn as well. Dawn and I worked together a million years ago when both of us were first starting out in the tech arena (doing tech support by phone and similar). She’s one of the brightest people I’ve ever met, and she’s got a lovely toddler-aged daughter who is growing up as part of what Dawn describes as ‘The iPad Generation’.

The little one is one of the first in a generation of kids that will be growing up with the very accessible touch technology of the iPad.

Dawn’s post about the iPad generation highlights the impact the iPad, and some great apps, have had on her daughter’s development. It’s a great read and rang many bells for me, as my daughter Zoe also thoroughly enjoys the iPad as a learning tool.

What I didn’t realise until recently, is what a brilliant job these apps do of teaching her the basics in a way that works well for her and at a pace she can dictate herself. The iPad also has the advantage of not needing to be set up. We don’t have to sit at the kitchen table and worry about her drawing on the walls with pens and crayons. It is a totally clean tool!

Check out Dawn’s post here when you have a chance:

If you have younger kids, this is a great look at how the iPad can fit into the learning activities you help them explore.

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