Recommended: The Portable Gamer on How the iPad Is Changing the Face of Gaming

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Rob Lefebvre over at The Portable Gamer has a very good article up on how the iPad is set to transform gaming.  Rob admits that he didn’t want an iPad initially and he has been surprised at how much he loves the device.  Here’s the gist of what his post is about though:

I’ll skip the enthusiasm about iBooks, Netflix, and the Mail app. That’s a post for another site. What I will talk about here is how I believe that the iPad has, in one fell swoop, changed the face of gaming.

Rob relates a great story about playing an iPad game next to a colleague at work and how the colleague quickly gets drawn into it.

Reaching out her hands, she began to help me. That’s right, with no understanding of gaming, no controller to turn on or profile to sign in, my friend was engaged in a game, with me, in real life, in the same room, on the same table.

This is an experience I’ve been having at home with my daughter. She does know the iPhone OS and enjoys iPhone / iPod Touch gaming already, so our case is a bit different.  But the iPad has taken things to a whole new level for us in terms of playing games together.  She is jumping right in and tapping things for me during games, telling me when to watch out for that thing coming at me, and so forth.  And of course there are a number of games that we are playing together as well.

Rob is an all-round gaming expert – so it’s cool seeing his perspective on how the iPad is going to be a game-changer in his arena.  Check out his post here when you have a moment:

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3 thoughts on “Recommended: The Portable Gamer on How the iPad Is Changing the Face of Gaming”

  1. The iPhone has made a huge impact on me. I hardly EVER use my PS3 console anymore except for DVDs. I know the graphics are no where near each other but I rather buy an awesome iPhone game for $6 and play it whenever I want. I can buy so many iPhone games for the price of 1 PS3 game.

    Now with the introduction of the iPad it gets even better. The games look great on the screen and you can see so much more. I look forward to the great gaming to come on the iPad and iPhone.

  2. I find I have less time to devote to a lot of the console games I once spent so much time and money on. Not that I don't enjoy them, but I find myself becoming less of a core gamer and moving into the casual space. Which is the opposite of what is supposed to happen.

    I enjoy the iPhone/iPad games selection because most are designed for quick play on the go. I like puzzle games, and these tend to control better on the iPhone than with a controller on the Xbox 360. I have a lot of casual Mac games that now have iPhone counterparts so I find myself enjoying the iPad on the couch rather than being tethered to my desk where I normally have to sit and work.

    The biggest loser in my house is the Nintendo DS. I used to use it for the same thing I find myself using the iPad or iPhone for, but it is much cheaper and more useful outside of gaming. Never mind my PSP which has gathered dust for far too long. The only thing I miss from the DS is the physical control pad and buttons. I admit, I still love the 2D Castlevania games and I don't know that virtual pads and buttons will ever be able to eclipse their physical counterparts. Now if only Capcom would bring Phoenix Wright to the iPhone/iPad.

    Recently one of the Nintendo bigwigs said they were not worried about the iPhone's impact on gaming. Well, as someone that used to do at least half my gaming on various GameBoy or DS hardware before getting my first iPod touch, I think maybe they should be somewhat concerned. Not that they both can't have a place in the market, but I just love having one single device (now two) that can do so much more than play games. I doubt I am alone.

    1. Now if only Capcom would bring Phoenix Wright to the iPhone/iPad.

      Actually, they are. I believe it's already been announced. I know that I sold my DS phoenix wright games because I read that they were coming out with iphone versions..

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