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TtL ushered in a new genre of what I guess you could call the Passive Agressive Arena Shooter, in which you had to tilt your iPhone to avoid swarms of red dots while leading the same within range of a cornucopia of devious traps and weapons, all in the name of scoring points. It was one of the first games to really nail tilt controls from an overhead view, to the point that if you died, there was never any doubt in your mind that it was entirely your fault.

This is not my cup of tea in terms of game genres at all – but if it is yours it sounds like Tilt to Live HD may be well worth a look. My colleague Ray over at our sister site seems to be very impressed with it. Here’s just a little taster of what he says on the newly released game:

… right out of the gate, TtLHDis one of the finest iPad games I’ve ever played.

Check out Ray’s full review here:

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