Recommended: Walt Mossberg’s Account of His Working Vacation with the iPad Instead of a Laptop

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Walt Mossberg, the venerable technology writer for the Wall Street Journal, has got a great post up over at All Things D, covering a recent working vacation to Paris, when he chose to take an iPad rather than a laptop. He makes clear that the trip was not viewed as a test of the iPad as laptop replacement, but more of a sizing up of the whole coming class of tablet devices as potential laptop replacements or fill-ins.

Here’s a little slice on how the iPad fared:

So, what happened? Well, for me, the experiment was a pleasant success. With a few exceptions, I got everything done that I would have done with a laptop. Yet I toted a lot less weight, enjoyed much better battery life, and had a computer that started up instantly whenever I reached for it. I also was able to combine the functions of a comfortable e-reader with those of a laptop.

Mossberg also found quite a few other hotel guests using iPads, and even found the device in use by staff at the Eiffel Tower.  The whole article is a great read – give it a look here if you have a chance:

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