Recommended: Wired Guide on How To Move Stanza eBook Library to iBooks for iPad

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Stanza has got an excellent how-to post up on transferring your Stanza eBook library to iBooks on the iPad. 

It covers not just how to extract all your Stanza eBooks in ePub format, but also advanced tips like how to preserve your cover artwork, and how to successfully import into iTunes.

Here’s just a little slice of the guide to give you a feel for the depth it goes to:

The next step is essential if you want to import all the new keywords and cover art along with the books into iTunes. You need to convert the books to EPUB. But wait. They’re already EPUB files, right? Yes, but right now the newly added metadata isn’t baked into the files. Running an export won’t create new files, but it will replace the old one with the newly enriched versions. Do this as a bulk action and go make a coffee. If you’re using a Mac, don’t get too scared when its fans start to spin like a leaf-blower.

If you’ve got a good collection of titles in Stanza and want access to them in iBooks, this looks like must-read.  Check it out here:

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