Review: Scottevest Pack Windbreaker – even fits an iPad

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Do you carry multiple gadgets but never have enough pockets for everything?  Scottevest has you covered with the Pack Windbreaker jacket.  This jacket is made for gadgets and is possibly one of the best jackets that I have ever owned.  Really, what is not to love about it? The Pack Windbreaker has a total of 17 pockets, is lightweight and waterproof.

Scottevest put a great deal of thought into designing this jacket. One great feature is its Weight Management System. My biggest complaint with other jackets is when you carry heavy gadgets, one side always feels heavier. The Pack Windbreaker does a great job solving this problem and I feel comfortable wearing it

There’s a pocket for everything.

There are two main DeepPockets on the outside of the jacket. The hood is stored inside the collar of the jacket for rainy days.  The DeepPockets are designed to keep everything from falling out, even if you forget to zip it.  One of the outer pockets has an elastic holder for your water bottle and a detachable clip for your keychain.  There are also smaller pockets inside the DeepPockets for loose coins or a data storage card.  Inside the windbreaker, you will notice transparent pockets on each side.  The Clear touch pockets are made specifically for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  It’s a nice feature, because when someone calls you can easily check to see who it is without having to remove your phone from your jacket.  You can even answer the call while it’s still inside your pocket.  There is a clip attached to one of the Clear touch pockets that holds a microfiber cloth.  I have used it to clean my sunglasses and iPhone.

Scottevest has devised a great way to manage the annoying earphone cord.  The Personal Area Network (PAN) is their patented system of hidden clips that connect earphones to devices without them having to leave your pocket.  The Velcro tabs provide for an easy and convenient way to remove the earphones from your jacket and there are even little ear bud pockets to prevent them from hanging everywhere when not in use.  There are two lower pockets that are made of a mesh lining to provide air flow to your devices.  You can easily fit a small netbook or an iPad inside the pocket. That’s right, I can easily fit the iPad inside the pocket (without a case).

There are additional pockets for other items such as a camera, sunglasses, pen, or even a stylus (whatever that is). The Pack Windbreaker even folds easily into its own back pocket for easy storage or transport.

Why lug a carry-on bag onto a airplane when you can just use the Scottevest Pack Windbreaker to carry all of your essential items?  The jacket is machine washable and is available in five colors: Cobalt, Graphite, Olive, Red, and Yellow.  Only sizes medium and up can hold the iPad.

My Word

When my wife bought me the Scottevest Windbreaker for Christmas, I couldn’t wait until the spring to wear it.  I have to say it’s a great jacket to have not only because it looks great, but because I can take everything with me.  I always felt when going out I would have to sacrifice a gadget just because I couldn’t carry it.  Now I can easily fit anything I need without sacrificing anything.  In addition to having everything with you, I feel comfortable knowing my gadgets are securely protected inside the specifically designed pockets.  Overall, the Pack Windbreaker is very well designed and you feel like the people over at Scottevest really took the customer into account when making it.  I probably won’t be carrying my iPad in it wherever I go but if I needed to store it in a pocket, it’s nice to have that option.  I have now become the person who holds everything for everyone else.  You can check out (and laugh at) the brief video I made showing off a few items.

What I fit inside my Pack Windbreaker:

iPhone, iPod w/ earphones, iPad; waterbottle, keys, wallet, sunglasses, a magazine, 2 Pens, a granola bar, business cards, $.62 in change, bluetooth head set, a pack of Wrigley’s gum, camera, extra SD card, and my Mophie Juice Pack.  I could have fit more but I ran out of gadgets.

The Scottevest Pack Windbreaker is currently $75 and you can check it out on their website.

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