Scratch Proof Your iPad – Ghost Armor 20% Off

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Thanks again Just Another iPad Blog for the warm Welcoming!

After receiving such great feedback when Patrick J. did his review, after having Ghost Armor applied to his Own iPad, we thought we would give something back for anyone wanting to purchase Ghost Armor.

Patrick J.  – “I am extremely happy with the Ghost Armor…. My iPad is not just looking great, but also now protected from scratches and nicks.”

Ghost Armor is a precisely pre-cut film, to invisibly protect your device perfectly! Your device will receive military grade protection, without adding bulk, creases, bubbles, or that orange peel look! Keep your iPad Scratch Free and looking like new, while also reducing the appearance of fingerprint smudges and smears – all without adding bulk!

For more info and to order yours click HERE

Use Code: “iPadBlog” to receive 20% off your order!

Protection For Electronic Devices Has Evolved – HAVE YOU!?

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  1. I like their website you can’t even tell what you’re buying they just expect you to give them $25.00 and you’ll find out when it gets there. Awesome sign me up!

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