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This evening I’m very happy to welcome a first new writer here on Just Another iPad Blog – Russell Leseberg.

Russell is a technology consultant with a wealth of strong and interesting experience; an iPhone, Apple and of course iPad enthusiast, and a damn good writer (though you’d be hard pressed to get him to admit to that last one) – and I’m very glad he’s decided to join me in writing for this blog, and also for my Just Another iPhone Blog site, focused on the iPhone and iPhone apps.

Here are a few places you can learn more about Russ and follow his writing and tweeting:

When Russell and I got talking about him possibly joining in here one of the things that had me most excited was his series of posts on ‘Use Cases’ for the iPad.  These are brilliant, bite-sized articles focused on what we will do with the iPad.  Here’s a little slice of Russell’s much better explanation of the series:

So iPad, what are you good for? There are countless articles and posts citing what the iPad isn’t or won’t be good at. I see iPad’s future as half full and I’m excitedly brainstorming with others to discover solutions to fill the other half. Join me as I celebrate the countdown to iPad’s debut by posting a daily iPad use case.

They really are great posts based on some great thinking on good uses for the iPad.  Russell is going to begin sharing these posts here very soon.  Look out for them – I’m sure you’re going to like them a lot.

Welcome Russell – as you know, I’m looking forward to collaborating with you, and reading your contributions here and elsewhere.

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