Target Really Does Keep iPads Locked in a Cabinet

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I’d seen a few reports around the web recently about Target retail stores (which just started selling iPads this past weekend) keeping iPads under lock and key. Today I thought I’d check at a local Target outlet to see whether that’s how they were handling the iPad.

Sure enough, they have the full range of iPad models available, but all of them are held in a pretty grotty looking glass cabinet and not accessible to touch or play with at all. In fact, they’re not even out of their packaging. The sales rep I spoke to said they’ve been told they’ll get new, custom displays for the iPad within a couple weeks.

For now though, it’s a very unappealing ‘display’ – and I’d be surprised if any potential buyers who have never spent time with a friend’s iPad or tried one out elsewhere would be enticed at all to spend $500-850 on a device they can’t even really see, never mind try out.

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