Terrible News – iPad Won’t Get You Girls (or Boys)

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From TUAW this morning:

Sorry to burst your bubble, iPad owners, but owning and using an iPad doesn’t exactly make the opposite sex swoon, at least according to Retrevo ‘s Gadgetology Report. The report asked consumers if they notice other people’s gadgets and, if so, how they react to them, and it turns out that seeing someone use an iPad is lower on the standard "I find you attractive" scale than seeing them with a pile of books. Only 36 percent of men are attracted to a woman because of her iPad, versus 42 percent liking a woman reading a book. As for the women, 29 percent like a man with an iPad, and 30 percent prefer book readers.

Uh-oh. That’s a bit of a blow for those of us who consider the iPad to be such a cool device. Only to find out it’s less attractive than a book (I could’ve sworn Steve told us nobody reads anymore) and even less attractive than a laptop – what the?

Anybody else remember Steve sharing this email from an early iPad user?


And now that dream is shattered. What’s Plan B?

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2 thoughts on “Terrible News – iPad Won’t Get You Girls (or Boys)”

  1. The iPad can get you a revolution, ask Egypt, I read on twitter that protesters were using iPads to email each other.. I know Steve Jobs said that the iPad was here to revolutionize the Tablet Pc industry, however I don’t think he meant in this fashion…lol

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