The ‘iPad Effect’ Means Booming Business for Accessory Vendors

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ZagginvisibleSHIELD has an interesting report up on ‘the iPad effect’ – covering the device’s impact for app and accessory vendors. I think it’s obvious that once we knew the iPad was going to be a massive hit, then there would be plenty of success for accessory manufacturers for it as well – but even so these numbers mentioned by Zagg’s CEO seem striking:

Though a market for protective covers and sleeves existed for iPods and smart phones, the larger screen and the more expensive price point of the iPad means that customers are even more careful to try to protect it from scratches and scuffs, says Robert Pedersen II, CEO of ZAGG Inc., a company that makes invisibleSHIELD, a thin plastic sheet that adheres to the device’s screen. The company has been making protective products for electronics for five years, but the release of the iPad this year has helped raise sales to what Pedersen says will be $65 million in 2010, up from $38 million last year. “The iPad has been an absolute home run for us,” he says.

And it’s likely to have a back-to-back homerun effect for lots of accessory vendors when iPad 2 is release I imagine.

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