The iPad Effect – Still in Full Force

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I was fully expecting to like the iPad, but I wasn’t expecting to be swept away like a princess in a fairytale. I couldn’t stop myself from using every single app on the device. It was such a fantastic user experience that I would have dropped the $500 right then and there if I had it on me.  I can’t even fully express how different using an iPad is from using an iPhone. Besides the same general appearance, it is vastly different. …  Point being, go use an iPad. I promise you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You just don’t know how great it is until you’ve used one.

Laying hands on an iPad is still something of a magical experience it seems.  The words above are not from a rookie in the iDevices arena.  They’re from a seasoned veteran of all things Mac and iDevice related – Grant Brünner, author of well over a thousand posts at the excellent Macgasm site. 

I’m not arguing with him. Smile  Check out Grant’s full post on this here:

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