The iPad Has Ruined My iPhone Typing

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Those are my hands shown in the screencap above.

OK … not they’re not really, but that is exactly the size my fingers now feel when I try to type on my iPhone 4.

They feel huge and clumsy and they hit wrong letters all the time and damn they are clumsy.

Before I ever used an iPad my iPhone typing used to be pretty good. I was never going to break any Mavis Beacon test records, but I was plenty quick enough to get by. Heck, I’m not a great typist even on my MacBook Pro – even after years of banging away at desktop keyboards I still only touch type in small, infrequent bursts. So my iPhone typing speed compared well to my desktop pace.

Until the iPad came along and I got used to its lovely big virtual keyboard keys that is. I can go at a slamming pace if I’ve got the iPad in a comfortable landscape position at a good angle. I’m very fast at that, very close to as quick as I am on my Mac’s keyboard. Good stuff, kicking ass and taking names on iPad typing. But … at the cost of now being a complete clod at iPhone typing. I’m now comically slow on the iPhone – hunting, pecking, mis-pecking as often as not, bludgeoning across keys I didn’t mean to hit. Downright embarrassing for someone whose been a heavy mobile device user for many years now.

How about you guys and gals? Those of you who own both devices, how’s your typing on each? Has your iPhone typing suffered at all since you got your iPad?

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3 thoughts on “The iPad Has Ruined My iPhone Typing”

  1. I’ve always struggled with typing on the iPhone – even before the iPad came along. It can be very frustrating. I do have big hands though and even sometimes struggle on the Apple Wireless Keyboard as well.

    One of the things I envy about Android is the different Swype style keyboards and the voice to text integration. Here’s hoping iOS 5 allows for at least the voice side of things with all the Nuance rumors floating around.

    1. See – my hands aren’t even that big. They’re average / medium – but now also comically clumsy. :)

      I would love to see more and better voice integration in iOS 5.

  2. dumb. i have no problems with switching between ipad and iphone. how about a better article.

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