The iPad – Revolutionary, Advanced & a Comedy Goldmine

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iPad vs. Maxipad

Well, the iPad may turn out to be a hit, or a flop; a game-changer or a should’ve had its name changed – but one thing’s for sure, it is one hell of a good source of humor and is destined to be the butt of countless jokes.

Just the name itself is more than enough fodder to get the ball rolling.  Throw in its iPhone-like lack of some features that many geeks think are dealbreakers, and the ridiculous amount of hype surrounding the device, and it’s a surefire recipe for iPad-tastic jokefests.

There are already quite a lot of excellent ‘iPad vs.  …’ images up on the web, like the neck and neck battle with a Maxipad shown above – where the Maxipad just edges it through its win in the ‘super absorbant’ category.

Heck, the Wall Street Journal was poking fun at it before we even knew its name and specs, and missing elements, as seen in this gdgt image from the launch event


Here are a few more fun images courtesy of the site:

iPad vs Kindle vs rock


iPad vs stone


And one more from ngonlinenews, via Mona Nomura’s Posterous


And the CollegeHumor site has a brilliant video up with various senior directors of different joke departments waxing lyrical about the comedy goldmine that the iPad is – click the image to go to the site and view the video:


What are some of your favorite iPad jokes so far?  I’m sure we’ll have lots (and lots) more to choose from as time goes by.

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