The New iPad TV Ad – Good, but Also a Bit Full of Shit

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I want to like the new iPad TV ad (can’t embed it here – click the link or the image above to see it).  I think the overall theme – that it is a revolution in computing – is a good one, and one that the device lives up to.  I can also go with a lot of the descriptive words and phrases thrown out during the advert: thin, beautiful, lasts all day, crazy powerful – I’ve found all those things to be true as I use the iPad.

Here’s the part that seems like needless exaggeration to me:

It’s 200,000 apps and counting.  It’s all the world’s web sites in your hand.

How dumb – we now know that a lot of those apps are not so hot at all on the iPad.  The 5,000 apps number that we saw last week for iPad apps in the App Store itself is a better one to use I think.  And of course the second part is even less defensible.  It’s ignoring all the sites that rely on Flash content and won’t run properly on the iPad.

Comon Apple – there are plenty of great things about the iPad to shout about – why cross over into over-the-top embellishment when there’s no need to.

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4 thoughts on “The New iPad TV Ad – Good, but Also a Bit Full of Shit”

  1. Agreed… They didn't need to add that stuff in there for it to show how good the iPad is. I thought the same exact things when I saw that ad this morning.

  2. If you concede so much, then it is not "full" of ****. And it is inconsistent to say "a bit" full of ****.

    You are full of stupid.

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