The New York Times Now Has a Full iPad Edition

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NYTimes for iPad

NYTimes for iPad is the new, full iPad edition of The New York Times. Here’s a slice of its App Store description:

Introducing the enhanced New York Times app for the iPad –– free until early 2011. Now with all of the sections, articles, videos and photos you expect from The Times.

The NYTimes iPad app now includes over 25 Times sections, including Arts, Technology, Politics, Science, Style and more. Experience breathtaking new sections for Photos and Video. Read a selection of the latest Times blogs. Share articles, photos and video through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

Once you download the app, you’ll instantly get free access to four sections: Top News, Most E-Mailed, Business Day and Video. To get unlimited access to all sections, simply log in with an existing account or register for free within the app.

I have to admit I’m not a regular NYT reader, but even so I’m very keen to see what this blue chip title has to offer on the iPad.  I never felt hugely interested in their earlier-released, cut-down editors’ choice version – but this one offering all the paper’s sections is one I want to try out.

I installed the app just a short while ago and have had only the briefest of looks at it thus far. It may be just me, as I’m running the latest iOS 4.2 beta on my iPad, but I’m seeing a fair few flaky / buggy things within the app. Such as …

The front cover initially took quite a long while to load, and appeared blank at my first attempt:


There’s a nagging prompt to register (for free, if you’re not already an online subscriber) if you go outside the four allowed sections for non-registered users – to the Sports section for example. That seems fine, except that I can’t get the registration page to work at all. I tap within the first form field (for email address) and the keyboard never appears.


I hope these are early glitches in the app that will be addressed soon, but if they prove to be glitches only for beta users I’ll have to wait on iOS 4.2 support.

The app looks promising overall – with strong content of course and it’s nice to see it’s got some sharing elements built in.


If you’ve had a chance to try out the new app, let us know if you’re seeing any of the bugs I am.

You can find NYTimes for iPad in the App Store now, and it is a free app for now.

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11 thoughts on “The New York Times Now Has a Full iPad Edition”

  1. Just got it. I too got the blank page – I went to login thinking that might help. It didn't. I left the app, got in again, and it was fine. Seems to be a first-time-opening bug.

    I love, love, love it. If it works the way editor's choice did, in that the articles (not just the teasers) are downloaded, this will be something I use constantly. I believe you will need to start paying to get at any NYT online content starting some time next year however.

  2. Cat – are you on the iOS 4.2 beta, or just the current firmware? And are you able to login or register an account?

  3. Got it right away after I heard it was FREE. Made an account, liked it.. Until it kept on CRASHING! Hoping they fix this soon. Otherwise a great app.

  4. Finally–this app is very overdue (just like an iPad version for FB, but don’t get me started on that). When NYT did its first iPhone app, it was buggy too. Finally it’s stable. Hope this one improves quickly too–beats reading the NYT in Safari on my iPad.

  5. I'll gladly cancel my print subscription and pay for an iPad only subscription–much easier to read on the subway!

  6. My favorite newspaper in a digital format. Sweet!!! I am going to get this this evening. I like the Kindle version but it has one big problem. It doesn't have everything.

  7. How do you get editions from other than the current day? I want to look at Sunday's paper and I don't see a way to find that (writing on Monday).

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