Time to Decide on Which iPad to Order

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Well, tomorrow is when iPad pre-orders start.  So I’ve been staring at the iPad pricing page and trying to work out which model I want to order tomorrow – always assuming pre-order can be done with guaranteed pickup at a local Apple store on April 3rd; if it is home delivery promised on a Saturday I’ll pass on pre-order and go stand at a store for one.

I’m pretty sure now that I’m going to go for the 64GB WiFi model.  I’m sure about the WiFi model, as they’re available on Day 1 and I just won’t wait a few weeks more for the 3G model.

I then plan to spend my first few weeks with the iPad sizing up how much (if at all) I miss 3G and looking at other options for always-on connectivity.  If I decide I really must have the 3G model, I’ll look to sell the WiFi model and move up.

I’m opting for the 64GB model because I always feel like I’d like to do my best to not leave myself scraping for space.  I imagine newspapers / magazines / books may end up taking up a fair chunk of space for me, especially as some of those are bound to build in multimedia elements.  Right now I never put much by way of video or TV shows on my iPhone, but on that bigger screen the temptation to do so will grow.  And of course I’ll be an iPad apps junkie.

Accessories for the iPad are also on my mind.  A few I think I’ll be grabbing straight away are:

— The Apple iPad case – just because I’d like to be able to compare it to some of the others that will be hitting the market.

— The iPad Keyboard Dock.

— A BT keyboard (probably an Apple one) and a Pogo Stylus.

That’s my plan as of now.  I’ll likely continue mulling this over right up until it’s time to pre-order.  Speaking of which, I don’t recall seeing what time pre-orders commence.  I guess this may be a good night to stay up until just past midnight Pacific (Apple) time and see if it’s all go by then. :)

What are your plans?  Will you be pre-ordering?  Which model and accessories are you after?

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14 thoughts on “Time to Decide on Which iPad to Order”

  1. Easy for me: 16GB WiFi + 3G.

    I don't consider space to be an issue. I think I've noticed once in 18 months that I had to clear stuff off my 8GB iPhone. For me (as a geek), the iPhone is (and I expect the iPad will be) an adjunct to another computer. Loading stuff on and off it isn't likely to be much of an issue.

    And it's not the 3G I require, either. Here in Canada there's no surety that there will be cheap 3G plans. I want the GPS. I think the larger screen will make GPS apps much more useful. So I'm willing to wait for that.

    But I don't want to :-)

  2. Almost the same as you, 64GB WiFi and sell/upgrade later if miss 3G (but I also already have a Sprint MiFi, so…), pre-order for hopefully guaranteed pickup at the store on Saturday the 3rd. I can't imagine Apple eating the cost for Saturday delivery at home so wonder if deliveries will be the following Monday???. If delivery is on Saturday not sure I would want to wait around waiting, I would rather go stand in line!

    Probably a keyboard dock, and hope they have those nice Apple employees put on a power support anti-glare screen guard.

    For a case all I want is something that protects the screen that folds back 180 degrees to the back. I do NOT want back protection when closed…just adds bulk and I don't care about scratches to the back. I DO care about screen scratches though. Haven't seen a front cover only case for the iPad yet. Barnes and Noble has an excellent one for the Nook, but the Nook has holes to clip into.

    So want an external batter with doc connector. So far the ones I have used for the iPhone haven't been all that great (ipower, Kennsington, etc.)

    1. Oh – good call on the anti-glare screen applied by a kind Apple store staffer. I was thinking the same. Have had that done for two iPhones, always quick and a great job.

    2. Delivery to the store is a good idea. I pre-ordered the iPhone 3G at launch and did not get it until the next day. It infuriated me that they held it at the local carrier hub (not even 30 min. away) around 3 days and then delivered it late. They had THREE DAYS to make sure they delivered them on time!

      1. Yeah – this is exactly the reason I want store delivery. I recall various horror stories last year with the 3GS and home deliveries that were days late.

  3. Set your alarm clocks, iPad pre-orders begin 5:30 AM PST
    This from 9 to 5.

    I'm going for the WiFi 32GB which will become my wife's when the 3G's are available.
    My poor wife is a Windows fan, but not for long :-)

  4. Im going to go with the 16g wifi only. I know for a fact that I will buy another when the camera version comes out, so I dont want to "put all of my eggs in one giant basket" I am going to reseve/pre order instore and then pick up at the store on the 3rd. I also think that I will wait in line overnight. Never done anything like that, so it will be fun!

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