Twins – Day Two (Now get to work you two)

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Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on naming the twins. We have settled on iVy and iVan. Now that we have had them home for a day, it is time we got back to work.

Though young, the twins have joined the team and we are putting them to work right away. In fact, this post is being created solely with iVan the iPad’s help.

Photo work:
1. I copied the photo from yesterday’s post directly from the site using iPad’s Safari
2. I imported the image into Photogene for iPad that I installed from the app store only 2 minutes prior.
3. I quickly added their names and exported the altered image back to iPad’s photo library.
– getting this far took less than 5 minutes including purchasing Photogene.
The rest of the post:
4. I completed the post using WordPress for iPad and WordPress admin via Safari for iPad… including writing, tagging, uploading the photo,etc.

Using WordPress for iPad was the most painful and time consuming portion of the project. The iPad WordPress app crashed many many times, forcing me to rewrite often. I finally used WordPress admin via Safari to get part of it done. I couldn’t do the whole post that way as I needed the app to load the image. Note: [WordPress for iPad limitation] The only way to preview the post with the picture is the publish it and picture is automatically placed at the bottom. time to publish and see if this works. Totally time till now… Over an hour, ouch!

To be fair, at least WP for iPad was available at iPad’s launch and it should get better as updates come out. Note: I moved the photo after publishing.

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3 thoughts on “Twins – Day Two (Now get to work you two)”

  1. Feel your pain with the wordpress iPad app. Nothing but trouble trying to create posts. It appears to be hanging up on me when selecting catagories. Seems some apps got rushed out with “iPad” support, *cough* evernote *cough*

  2. I think its so cool how you've named your iPads – I think when I get mine I will name it. Yeah most apps are messing up but I think most will be fixed up really soon.

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