User Poll – Nobody Wants to Subscribe to The Daily

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A poll of iPad and iOS users shows that very few people have plans to subscribe to The Daily.

Admittedly this is just one poll, and the numbers of voters is not huge (233 as I write this), but it’s being run at the popular everythingiCafe forum site, which has over 125,000 members – so I’d say it may be a decent finger in the wind feeling for how users are reacting to The Daily so far.

I’ve been following the poll all day and the percentage of user voting Yes (they plan to subscribe) has never even reached 10%. As I’ve said in several prior posts, The Daily really needs some major improvements if it wants to attract subscribers. 

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5 thoughts on “User Poll – Nobody Wants to Subscribe to The Daily”

  1. Isn’t the Daily planning to take monthly subscription? If so, that explains the low numbers. Who wants to be tied to a monthly subscription when they can get the same news cheaper or even free?

  2. Many of us can be deceived and terrorized by the noxious spewings of Rupert Murdoch’s orifices for free. Why would anyone pay for that?

  3. I don’t think it’s nearly a large enough or random enough poll… but if the ACTUAL number of iPad owners who were going to subscribe was anywhere near 10%, the Daily would be a HUGE media success. How many papers tout millions of subscribers? Don’t forget how few it takes to be a hit.

  4. Hmm- I made the mistake of subscribing – had to try – now I can not figure out how to turn the darn thing back off. sigh. Material for a new article on justanotheripadblog :-)

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