Want your iPad to help you do better with the ladies? MC can help

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Lets say you are sitting at a coffee house and this beautiful girl (I’m talking goddess, as Charlie Sheen would say) is sitting next to you minding her own business. She glances over and notices your new iPad 2 and says “Oh those are so cool, I was thinking about getting one can I take a look at yours?!”  You look down at your iPad. It looks like you just had your hands in a bag of potato chips and did a little finger painting on the screen. What to do? You grab your MOBiLE CLOTH and in the 2 seconds it takes to wipe your screen clean you look her right in the eye and you say “Sure take a look,  I know a place where you can get one, give me your number we’ll roll together.” She gives you a knowing glance and says “Ok” and the rest, my friend, is history… the best three dollars you ever spent!
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Patrick Jordan

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