What’s in Your iPad Dock?

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apps in my iPad dock

OK, I know it’s early days and we’re all getting to know our new iPads, trying out apps, still getting to grips with things.  It’s never too early to ask what you’ve got in your iPad dock though, I hope anyway.

Mine – as you can see above – has still got three of the defaults (Mail, Safari, and iPod) – along with Things, for managing tasks and to-dos, Simplenote (for note taking oddly enough), and Pastebot for clipboard management and pasting goodness.

So what’s in yours?  Has it been changing often already?

Patrick Jordan

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10 thoughts on “What’s in Your iPad Dock?”

  1. Mail, Safari, 1Password, myPhoneDesktop, Pandora, and Tweetings. Patrick, can you pair more than one device with Pastebot? I have it on my iPhone and love it but I rather keep it on there if I can only pair 1 device right now.

      1. I guess we will find out tom. bc Tapbots mentioned on Twitter they will be posting their plans on their blog after Apple's event. I am curious…. Tomorrow should be fun!

  2. Haven’t removed any default apps yet, but i will. For Now i added iBooks and net newswire.

  3. After making fun of the name (Pad? hahaa) for a month, I ended up buying an iPad and I am still in my enchanted bubble (caressing the screen, cleaning it every time after use)…but the reasonable part of me keeps on protesting: WHY WASTE YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU HAVE A McBOOK AND iPHONE AND AN iPOD???…bigger screen and e-books and the photo sideshow? not impressive…But what the hell, I have no strong will to defy consumerist seduction. Apple is irresistible. They say it makes your life better and easier…until the next device is launched at least! (next one with a camera pe-lease)
    P.s. I am now addicted to FRANCE 24’s free application (international news, very interesting articles and videos, good alternative to American perspective) and it is available in English & French & Arabic (personally practicing my French), check it out you might like it!

    1. Thanks for sharing – that's a good promo vid. If I use it, do I have to learn to pronounce its name right??? (could be a dealbreaker) :)

  4. Mine keeps changing a little, and don't have it front of me as I type, but I‘m pretty sure it’s Safari, NetNewsWire, Tweetie, and Mail. But you know, it was so good to hear Apple say that there will be folders and multitasking in the iPhone 4.0, and eventually the iPad. Flicking through pages to find apps has seriously gotten old. An update of this is way past due. I personally still think they should have had some file drawer set up where you could take apps completely away if you want. There’s no reason that have to be on display all the time.

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