What’s the iPad Got in Common with Windows 95?

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Windows 95

According to Michael Gartenberg, the two share the fact that mainstream consumers have huge levels of interest in them.  He has a feeling that non-techie users are excited about the iPad in ways that they very rarely are for any tech product – similar to the excitement people felt for Windows 95 and the iPhone.

Check out his article on this for ComputerWorld HERE, for more of his thoughts on this subject.

I am beginning to get a similar impression – I’m seeing big enthusiasm for the iPad amongst ‘normal’ non-techie folks as well.

What do you all think?  Is the iPad drawing major interest among your non-techie friends and acquaintances?  Will this interest translate into sales?

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2 thoughts on “What’s the iPad Got in Common with Windows 95?”

  1. I think the more technical folks put too much emphasis on the technical aspects of the iPad; sort of a forest for the trees problem. Apple comes at it from the usage standpoint. When the iPhone was introduced, the techie response was, yeah this is great but a lots missing.

    I think once people use an iPad and see the apps that will be coming, they will love it. And us techies will be able to use GoToMyPC!

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